a folk-rock opera

Leo/Leonardo tells the story of a brilliant, driven technologist and entrepreneur struck by unexpected misfortunes at mid-life. Haunted by visions of his younger, better self — reflected in the aspirations of a young protégé — he embarks on a private journey to rediscover his feelings, his family, his soul.

It is a tale of boomers at mid-life, seeking solace and understanding during troubled times at the juncture of art and science, technology and nature, past and future, while rubbing shoulders with a young generation eager to make a better world and carry forward the promise of a new season.

Leo/Leonardo features original folk-rock music evoking the 1960s, 70s, and roots-oriented songwriting of recent decades.

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Dear fellow composers, librettists, art directors, music directors, vocalists, musicians, set designers, video editors and graphic designers…
The word is, “this concept has legs.” But it needs work. Can you help? If you find this project compelling, and would like to contribute your skills to its further development and improvement, please click here and let us know!

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